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How to Automatically Embed your Google Reviews on your Website 2022

Want to embed your Google Reviews on your website? Looking for the best Google Review Embed App or Google Review Wordpress App? Here's the best way to show your Google Reviews on your company website.

How to embed Google Reviews on your Website in 2022

How do some people show their Google reviews on their website?  Is there a really good and reliable plugin to post your Google Reviews or Google My Business reviews on any page?  how do you create a "reviews page" on your website?  You can read about embedding google reviews from a wiki on Google's website here,


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how to embed google reviews on your website and what's the best plugin for google reviews?
Example of Google Reviews embedded into a website by Feedbackwrench

In this article, I'm going to show you what we've sued over hundreds of websites to show Google Reviews.

There's a handful of.other resources explaining how to embed your google reviews like the ones from Muffin Group, OneUpWeb, Kinsta and others.

We are using an affiliate link on this article, which means if you signup for elfsight, you don't pay any more but we will rceive a small commission.


Elfisght Signup Link

This is an affiliate link:

Elfsight is a premium plugin/service, and here is the pricing for it:

Elfsight has a ton of different apps, and I recommend using at LEAST the other review embed tools such as Facebook, Yelp, Houzz, or others.

how to embed google reviews on websites & google review plugins

Single App Pricing vs. All App Pricing

A: Single App Pricing

If you only want to use a single app, such as the Google Review tool, you can save some money on this service and plugin.

Single App Pricing:

$0 a month - 1 website, 200 monthly views. SHOWS the logo

$5 a month - Unlimited websites, 5,000 monthly views. NO ELFSIGHT LOGO

$10 a month - Unlimited websites, 10,000 monthly views

$25 a month - Unlimited websites, 5,000,000 monthly views

B: All App Pricing

The all app pricing is well worth it, and it's separated by the number of monthly visitors you will have.

ALL HAVE UNLIMITED WEBSITES and no elfsight logo

$15 a. month - 5,000 a month in views

$30 a month - 50,000 monthly views

$75 a month - 5,000,000 monthly views

Learn more about the pricing here: 

What's the Best Plugin to embed and show Google Reviews

I've tried a whole bunch of these Google Review plugins, and we've determined that the absolute best review plugin is Elfsight.

Elfsight is the be Google Review Plugin and Embed Tool for a number of reasons, and I'd like to tell you what I think it's the best, whay's been wrong with other solutions and what's been our experience deploying these on hundreds of websites.

What makes a plugin excellent?

  • Has appropriate page speed tradeoffs
  • Automatically pulls many reviews
  • Doesn't have security problems
  • Doesn't require to be updated
  • Works to pull additional review platforms in
  • Has multiple user interface options
  • Has customization for colors and styling
  • Has schema markup deployed
  • Has customizable interfaces, showing grid, slider, list and other options

These are some of the reasons why I've come to love elfsight as a tool, and I'll tell you this, it VERY rarely ever has a problem.

I love elfsight because I've not yet had ANY problems with it and it has worked across nearly 100 of our client websites, and it works in a litany of different ways.

Elfsight is the Best Google Review Plugin & Review Embed Code for 2022

Look, if you wan to close more sales, you'll need to build credibility.

One of the most basic ways to build such credibility is to get more reviews, specifically Google Reviews.

once you've gotten lots of Google Reviews, you should embed those google reviews on your website.

How to Automatically Show Google Reviews on your Website.

Wordpress Plugins for Google Reviews:

Many people start looking for Wordpress plugins that will aggregate and display their reviews in a widget on their Wordpress website.  Is it better to embed an elfsight code, or use the elfsight wordpress plugin?  Personally I would do either one, but you might get a little better control by simply embedding a code.  You can read more about the Wordpress Review Plugins on Kinsta, taggbox, embed social and Feedbackwrench.

Here's a handful of Wordpress Specific Google Review Plugins:
  1. Elfsight Google Review Wordpress Plugin
  2. Richplugins
  3. Everest Google Plugins
  4. Easy Google Places
  5. Widget for Google Reviews Wordpress
  6. WP Google review slider - wordpress

What does it look like when you embed Google reviews using Elfsight?

There’s a couple different user interfaces that you see, including a gallery, slider, list and some embed icons.

Each of them have the ability to limit reviews to a certain star count, so that you can avoid showing bad reviews and they also have customizable colors and styling.

The list is really good if you’re going to put it on a page dedicated to showing reviews, while the slider and gallery functions are a lot better to embed throughout various webpages including your services pages, homepage and others.

The embeddable icon that looks like this, is also kind of cool because when you hit it, it will slide over and show the reviews which can then be dismissed. This is an easy way to do a pop-up to show each individual review, while keeping it small and tight to show the view count and the logos of the areas which you have reviews such as Google, Facebook, yelp, or others.

How to install a snippet using Elfsight

1 - choose either google review or all in one widget
2 - find your business

There’s a chance that new businesses or poorly optimized businesses won’t be able to find their business name.

Can’t find your business name? Do this.

A: Go to a google browser
B: Search your business name

Click on the maps part
Go to google maps and find your business there.

C: Hit the share button.
D: Go to embed map, and copy the embed map code.

Now paste that embed map code into the Elfsight google business search bar, and your google ID will show up.

Select it.

What if reviews don’t show right away?

I’ve found that occasionally, the google reviews don’t populate right away.  If that’s the case, just save it and then come back to it.  For new setups and new businesses, I’ve seen it take some time occasionally.

Once you’ve styled and added the google review, decide on other sources you might want to include if it’s the all in one review widget.

Upon hitting save, you’ll be provided some JavaScript code.

Copy that JavaScript and now we will use that to embed it on your website

Embedding the google reviews on your website.

Embedding on a Wordpress Website:

You can put it in a text or removed section on just about eBay builder, whether it’s Gutenberg, Divi Builder, Elementor, Beaver Builder, Or any other visual builder.

Once you publish, it will go live!

You might need to do a little trick t