10 Top Accounting Firms for Construction Companies & Contractors

10 Best Accountants for Construction Companies & Contractors

10 Excellent construction accounting firms - Here are Outsourced Accounting firms that focus on contractors & construction Companies.

10 Accounting Firms for Construction Companies

if you're a general contractor or construction company, you're probably hoping to find somebody that will help you reduce your taxes and keep you focused on your strengths, rather by wasting your staff and your own time doing accounting tasks.

Small, Tax Reduction Focused Accountants for Contractors

Over the last decade or so, I've had the opportunity to connect with hundreds of accounting firms and local CPAs, and I found some that are really good for construction companies. So I want to share some of these local entrepreneurs that are a cut above the rest when it comes to reducing your taxes, serving as an outsourced accountant, and helping with Construction specific problems.

What to look for in a construction accountant.

Accountants for contractors should be much more than a typical year end tax person, they should really be an outsourced accountant that focuses on delivering actual value.

What should they do for your construction business?

  1. Aggressive, year-round tax planning
  2. Help you implement everything to reduce taxes
  3. Perform excellent bookkeeping
  4. Provide month end, or quarterly reports
  5. Help you maximize your S-Corp
  6. Save you time by tackling the books, taxes & accounting
  7. Help you grow
  8. Serve as your financial quarterback

I want to keep this brief and in get into the best construction accounting firms in the United States, but I also want you to know that there's a huge difference between a typical year end accountant, and a construction specific outsourced accountant.

Outsourced Accountant vs. Year End Accountant.

Meaningful tax reduction strategies. need to be deployed throughout the year.\

Reports and bookkeeping should be an ongoing thing, and a competent tax accountant, rather than a generalist bookkeeper, will be super efficient and utilize the knowledge gained during the bookkeeping to provide advice to you and your staff.

An outsourced accountant is focused on lowered taxes, growth of your business, saving you time and helping you as though they were co-owners.

Outsourced accountants serve as a partner for your business, without giving up equity or paying them W-2

CFO for Contractors

These chief financial officer specialize in helping you establish financial accounting systems that will help you implement what's necessary to grow into a serious general contracting business

Commercial Contractor CFO Accountant:

  • AIA or progress billing
  • Request for payment systems
  • True Job Costing
  • Work in Progress or WIP systems
  • Integration to project management tools like Co-Construct and Procore
  • Certified Payroll
  • Pristine Financials for Surety Bonding

the biggest difference that this chief financial officer is going to bring is systems to help you scale upward as a commercial general contractor. This means that you need to get really good at managing your balance sheet, managing your cash flow, and creating pristine records that will help you not only manage your business, but prove to Shirley companies, customers, and banks that you are operating at a high level.

As your accounting and financials improve, so does your credit-worthiness, and therefore, your ability to do larger and larger jobs, which will lead to increased capabilities and profitability.

so if you're a contractor that's ready to start bidding on large public projects, or want to scale into a large general contracting business, you're not just going to want to work with a generalist bookkeeper or even the outsourced accountant, you're going to want to find an outsourced chief financial officer that specializes in construction specific accounting.

The Best Accounting Firms in the United States for Small to Mid Sized Construction Companies & Contractors

I want to emphasize something here, unless you're a very large contractor, it will probably be a good idea for you to stick with a smaller firm like the ones we're going to mention here. The smaller accounting firms end up serving as an outsourced accountant, and will be able to deliver more value than a staff accountant would, without all of the hassle. The small accounting firms are dedicated to working with smaller groups customers in a more intimate way.

These Accountants work with smaller groups of clients, in a more helpful way.

every accounting firm that we list out here isn't just trying to get more and more customers like the large CPA firms, they are trying to work with a smaller group of clients, and deliver extreme levels of value. These are the type of accountants that I work with, and every single construction contractor I intersect with, I recommend using an accountant similar to what I'm listing here.

Performance Financial & Drake Vant Hul CPA

Iowa Based CPA & Accountant for Small Businesses & construction companies

Iowa Based Accountant Performance Financial

Drake Vant Hul is a CPA that owns Performance Financial out of Altoona, Iowa.

Drake is committed to serving as an outsourced accounting firm, helping contractors and small business owners in the midwest, reduce their taxes, keep their books immaculate, and making sure that they're focused on their strengths rather than wasting time in their accounting tasks.

If you're looking for a business accountant in Des Moines Iowa, Drake at Performance Financial is worth connecting with for sure.  He has amazing reviews, and stories of helping entrepreneurs, contractors, and agriculture businesses navigate some really tricky financial goals and situations.

Asnani CPA Tax & Accounting

Shamal Asnani CPA Tax and Accounting for Small Businesses

San Francisco Bay Area Small Business Accountant

Shamal Asnani is a CPA in Hayward California who's really focused on helping small businesses, particularly technology companies, startups, consultants and contractors in Silicon Valley, along with the construction, home services and health and fitness sectors.

If you're looking for a great tax reduction planner, San Francisco business tax expert, with a focus on bookkeeping and excellent accounting, you'd be remiss if you didn't connect with Shamal. In particular, they are outsourced accountants that provide a stack of value to each customer, for a flat monthly rate.  They ascribe to the Feedbackwrench Outsourced accounting model, where accountants work hard to deliver full stack services to their customers, with an eye on tax reduction planning, bookkeeping, tax management, bookkeeping, and consulting.

If you're looking for a great CPA firm in the San Francisco area, Asnani CPA is worth checking out.

Surety CFO Accounting

Want to grow into a major contracting business? Surety CFO & Mita will implement top tier construction specific accounting operations like AIA billing, WIP schedules, Surety Packages & Job Costing

Surety CFO for Contractors

Mita is one of those special accountants for contractors that not only serves as the outsourced accountant, but she's really focused on the construction specific accounting for larger contractors.  She serves as an outsourced construction CFO, and she will help you implement what you need to scale into a serious business.

What Surety CFO & Mita Focus On:

  • Implementing AIA or Progress Billing
  • Request for Payment systems
  • Work in Progress & WIP Schedules
  • Surety Bonding Improvement & Balance Sheet management
  • Certified Payroll
  • Job Costing
  • Procore integration
  • Co-Construct accountant

Accountant that Focuses on CoConstruct.

CFO for contractors will set you up so that you can really manage a high-production workload, get much larger commercial projects, get your financials in pristine order, and then integrate it all with Coconstruct.

She helps you develop simple, and inexpensive solutions for your contracting business without spending a ton of time or money.

Whether you have no accounting staff, or a team, she's the Surety CFO you want!